There is a long discussion within the European land cover community about the requirement to harmonize the very similar concepts of LCML (ISO 19144-2) and the so called EAGLE model.

The EAGLE concepts are especially more and more used within different land cover projects in Europe. On the other hand LCML is used in worldwide LC applications with focus of LC projects in and around Africa.

The coexistent of these similar land cover concepts leads to  confusion  and misunderstanding within the LC community. Therefore a  possible revision of the ISO 19144-2 should take into consideration the eagle concepts and harmonize both concepts.

For this approach different ISO mechanism exist. The aim must be to generate one useful, understandable and harmonized cover standard. Therefore LCML should defined the core semantics – maybe one option/strategy could be that LCCS (Land Cover Classification System) and EAGLE are only ISO Profiles using the core semantics defined within ISO 19144-2. Find attached a presentation accorrding this topic from the INSPIRE KEN Workshop last year in brussels: 3.Update_LCML_Grillmayer


To discuss this and other issues we have done a proposal for an explict land cover workshop session @ the iso plenary on the 30th May 2018 in Copenhagen.


In the proposed workshop we will give an overview about the requirements from  the global perspective.

  • This will be done by  Steffen Fritz, IIASA Laxenburg, Austria.
  • We have also invited Prof. Chen Jun (Global Land Cover Map)

The EAGLE Concepts and European perspective will be presented by different Members of the EAGLE Group:

  • Lena Pihlatie, Finland  will talk about how LCML is used within the INSPIRE initiative and which shortcomings pop up using LCML
  • Gebhard Banko, Austria   who will talk about the general EAGLE concept
  • Stephan Arnold , Germany  will talk about the EAGLE Matrix Concept
  • Roland Grillmayer, Austria will compare the LCML and EAGLE Concepts and talk about possible harmonisation strategies within the ISO 19144-2 revision procedure.

The aims of the proposed workshop are


  • clarification about the differences and similarities of both concepts
  • overview about the requirements for a land cover standard  from an global and European perspective
  • discussion about possible harmonization strategies within the revision of ISO 19144-2
  • discussion about possible funding/financing strategies/partners for the revision of ISO19144-2



ISO/TC 211 would be definitely the right place for this standardization project and the workshop a great chance to start such an initiative.
Let´s see if we get support form p-members and ISO secretary for our initiative.




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