Standards Development for Geosciences

Since 2010 i am involved in different working groups on the technical committee TC211 – Geographic information at the International Standardization Organization (ISO). My main focus in these working groups is the development of standards in the subject area of ubiquitous public access (WG10) and activities in some Ad hoc Groups like the Ad hoc on best practices for UML modelling in ISO/TC 211.

GIS Models for Wildlife Ecology

My main research activities are using GIS technologies for modelling aspects within the topic of wildlife ecology like habitat modelling, habitat fragmentation. Especially focusing on the topic of preservation and protection of green infrastructure (migration corridors) for wildlife migration.

Data Modelling in Geosciences

The main topic in this research area is using the concepts of MDA (Model Driven Approach) for the object oriented modelling of geosciences data. At the moment we are involved within the AcHoc Group “Best practice UML Modelling” at ISO/TC211. The idea is to developing strategies and best practice approaches for UML based geodata model’s which are easy to understand for humans and readable for machines.

Geospatial Sematic Web

Research activities are focused on the aspect which sematic web technologies could be useful for the concept of ubiquitous public access. At the moment we are working on an ontology for Place Identifier Linking (PI-Linking, ISO 19155-2). Based on this ontology a place which has different notations and is stored in different encodings could be made available within the sematic web. In the next year we will extend this PI ontology with the concept of spatial hierarchies and use it for the sematic annotation of documents for data mining purpose.

Remote Sensing Technologies for Land- and Nature Protection Monitoring System

Test and implementation of different remote sensing technologies with main focus on the implementation of a real time land monitoring system for nature protection.


  • Standards Development for Geosciences
  • GIS Models for Wildlife Ecology
  • Geospatial Sematic Web
  • Data Modelling in Geosciences
  • Remote Sensing